Rainbow – Catch The Rainbow



2 LP´s black vinyl
Label: Mini Music Productions B.V., Holland
Year of release: 1977, Holland
Catalog number: Mini de Luxe BF94052 (LP) / Mini de Luxe 7430 (MC)
Matrix number: 3615 ML A / D

Live 27.09.1977 Chateau Neuf, Oslo, Norway


Side A:

Over The Rainbow / Kill The King / Mistreated
Side B: 16th Century Greensleeves / Catch The Rainbow
Side C: Long Live Rock´n Roll / Man On The Silver Mountain / Blues / Starstruck
Side D: For A Dime (some improvisations) / Still I´m Sad / Beethoven´s Ninth / Keyboard Solo / Drum Solo / 1812 Overture