The "New" DEEP PURPLE feat. Rod Evans
Steppenwolf 1978 feat. Tony Flynn



Pictures: Tony Flynn

Steppenwolf 1978 feat. Tony Flynn

Goldy McJohn - organ
Sandy Gennaro - drums
Rick Reed - bass
Tony Flynn - guitars
Larry Green - vocals


"Steppenwolf 1978... big dates, big shows. We played Mexico City (DF), and were liked in Columbia. I remember Sandy well, good man. This was a movie quality group - Goldy McJohn, Larry Green, Sandy Gennaro, Rick Reed and myself. We were rehearsing at Sir Studios in Hollywood. I remember it was Bette Middler in one studio, Jean Luc Ponty in another studio, the Almond Brothers in another studio and Steppenwolf, top grade group. And Goldy was the cooporate owner of Steppenwolf. We had origionals, and probably some live records were made... bootleg stuff, but got airplay."
Tony Flynn, 2019



Goldy McJohn, Sandy Gennaro, Rick Reed, Larry Green