The "New" DEEP PURPLE feat. Rod Evans
Conecte concert review, Mexico, July 1980



Deep Purple
Live at Estadio Inde, Mexico City
June 28, 1980


It was already dark when Deep Purple was announced. A short tuning - Evans roars: "Highway Star"; A few drops of rain fall from the sky ... a long, ascending musical introduction and: the more than clearly noticeable quintet rumblings, the prelude ... but it's already buckets coming from the black sky ... confusion. So, less did help the masterful performance of Tony Flynn on "Mandrake Root", which lacked in nothing compared to the legendary Ritchie Blackmore. "What's going up!"; his fingers flew to every phrasing, every turn. Also Geoff Emery with his keyboards threw himself splendidly into the ring, but this was Tony's song, nobody would miss the effects of the vibrato or the speed of a Blackmore. Tony definitely "eats" guitars...
However, it was already pouring rain; the musicians noticed the lack of enforced attention on the part of the audience and, as it’s very human, they were bothered by it. "Space Trucking" faded long, almost painful, with a drum solo at the wrong time - not bad, but it desperate the crowd.
The rain stopped and the concert regained some attention. Evans shook the whole stadium with his strong and trained voice, full of strength, and it was not for nothing that many of us were thrilled by early Deep Purple and Captain Beyond; "Hey Joe" was embedded between flamenco, rock, ballad and blues. "Smoke on the water" made us sing with Rod, but when the part came that marks the guitar solo, something strange happened, Tony did not perform the solo; The hole was stuffed as best it could, the magic disappeared. "Goodbye, Mexico!" Applause, then confusion again. Norma (Valdez - ed.) went out to invite the audience to call for another song, but many were already walking out, they were too wet and cold because of the cold humidity. Deep Purple did not come out again ... Deep Purple sounded well, the sound was clean and powerful; They bring along musicians who represent their job. Not in vain did a comrade accompany me - Arturin - as he said goodbye he said: "Purple makes a fine touch, Hurt of the Water ..."