The "New" DEEP PURPLE feat. Rod Evans
Autographed "Hush" vinyl record, 1968



Deep Purple - "Hush / One More Rainy Day" - Tetragrammaton, 1968 vinyl single
autographed in person by
Rod Evans (middle of the top), Nick Simper, Jon Lord, Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Paice

This record was originally owned by Mr. David Naughton, who lives in Seattle, WA. His sister, Mary, who sadly passed away at the end of the 90´s, obtained the autographs in person near Anaheim, California (as he told me later).
David wrote to me about the record: "I got it from my sister's friend in 1992. Her name was Mary and she grew up in southern California, so it could have been from any of the early southern California appearances. She didn't understand the significance of it being the original five members, she was not a major fan but just liked that record "Hush", took it to the concert and had it signed, then forgot about it for twenty years."

Nick Simper explained to me his different styles of signing autographs, when they performed in the USA in 1968/69.
When signing autographs for a guy, he used to write "Nic" without a k, to make his name sound kind of heavier. But when writing an autograph for a girl, he prefered to write "Nicky", which gave his name a softer touch.
So the difference can be clearly seen, when comparing this signature with Nick's autograph on the Salem Armory concert flyer, which is also shown on this site. The flyer was originally autographed for a guy who has been working at the door when the show took place, signed "Nic".