The "New" DEEP PURPLE feat. Rod Evans
Live at The Rose, Dallas, July 15, 1980





rose dallas1

James Reeves, who sent the pictures, remembers the show:

"I saw those guys in Dallas TX; July 15, 1980 at a beer joint on Maple Ave called ‘The Rose’ and was leery about the show before hand, given the venue and the 6.00 ticket price. I saw The Who play the very first concert ever at the brand new Reunion Arena (July 2, 1980) and I remember thinking “why is Deep Purple playing a beer joint instead of Reunion Arena?” I knew right away that it wasn’t Deep Purple, but didn’t mention it to my date because she was enjoying it so much and they did do a pretty good job on a lot of DP songs.  Then on the way home, she looked over at me and said 'that was really good, but who the hell were those guys?' LOL"

Many thanks to James Reeves for the photographies and his support!




Current pictures of the former "Rose" club in Dallas / Texas, USA.
The New Deep Purple band performed here on July 15, 1980
rose dallas2
rose dallas3
The pictures James included give us a perspective on just how crazy the thought
of Deep Purple playing there was. The building is a Mexican restaurant now.
rose dallas4