The "New" DEEP PURPLE feat. Rod Evans
Anchorage Daily News, August 6, 1980





Deep Purple, a hard rock band from the 60s, is coming to Anchorage next week. Or is it? The west coast music world is astir over allegations from former members of the band that the touring group is a bogus adaption of the original. But local promoter Terry Garrett and Los Angeles manager Ron Kurtz told the Daily News Tuesday that the band "has a federal trademark, and is by all intends and purposes Deep Purple." The two are working together to bring a band playing under that name to Anchorage to perform Aug. 14 and 15 at the International Banquet House for $12,50 reserved seats and $10 general admission. "I think it's pretty disgusting that a band has to stoop this low and take somebody else's name," guitarist Ritchie Blackmore told a Rolling Stone reporter recently. "It's like a bunch of guys putting together a group and calling it Led Zeppelin". Two former members of the band, Blackmore and Roger Glover, have made their objections a cause celebre, even taking the issue to a California court seeking an injunction to stop the group from performing as Deep Purple. The suit is still pending.
Speaking from Los Angeles, Kurtz called the matter sour grapes. "Those two guys  - who are with a band called Rainbow - want to get back. They see a successful thing, and they want part of it." He said the band has envolved into something more modern, with new faces and sounds reflecting the 80s. "We've got a younger look. Those original guys would be 35 to 43 years old now," Kurtz said. "The band has been in hibernation for several years, and has reemerged." The new band does contain one bona-fide Purple veteran, original singer Rod Evans. Rolling Stone reported he was recently discovered working as a supervisor in a Los Angeles hospital. "People are paying good money to see something that isn't what it's purported to be," Glover has said. "Even tough Rod was in the band originally, it's not really the band people know." Rolling Stone also quoted guitarist Anthony Flynn from the "new" Deep Purple who contended that his group "sounds exactly the same and looks exactly the same. In all respects we are the same product."
The tour is also taking this group to Hibbing, Minn., Phoenix, Yuma, Tucson and Bozeman, Mont. Garrett said "these guys have been put through the hoops legally. I went to Honolulu personally to hear them, three weeks ago, and that's when I decided they should come to Anchorage." Jeanne Abbott