The "New" DEEP PURPLE feat. Rod Evans
Conecte Magazine No. 190 – Mexico, November 1980
















"It's unbelievable that as soon as they see one is earning a few dollars honorably with a product that I form, and which I have not only refused royalties from record sales but any involvement, now leave the bush and cut us into pieces. They have the money and we do not, and I wonder, now as they won the lawsuit, what the hell will they do with the name?"
Rod Evans

"We did not want anything with Deep Purple, and everyone was involved in different projects. I think Rod Evans was in his right because the name had been abandoned, but there were so many "legal corners" hidden that this became a complex battle and they lost, I wish the best of lucks."
Jon Lord

"Worst of all, Javier, is that it was not even the former Deep Purple who wanted to fight the name, but cold and calculating business men who are not interested in rock - just want to swell their pockets. It's disgusting how far people come by a few dollars."
Tony Flynn


Translations: Gerhard Koritnik




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