Tour Dates

The "New" DEEP PURPLE feat. Rod Evans
International Banquet House 1980, Anchorange, AK



Deep Purple - Live at International Banquet House, Anchorage, AK
August 14th and 15th, 1980
(Picture: Marc Olson)

Local promoter: Terry Garrett
Los Angeles manager: Ronald Kurtz


Terry Garrett (Anchorage Daily News, Jeanne Abbott, August 6, 1980): "These guys have been put through the hoops legally. I went to Honolulu personally to hear them, three weeks ago, and that's when I decided they should come to Anchorage."

Ron Kurtz (Anchorage Daily News, Jeanne Abbott, August 6, 1980): "The band has a federal trademark, and is by all intends and purposes Deep Purple. Those two guys (Ritchie Blackmore and Roger Glover - ed.) – who are with a band called Rainbow – want to get back. They see a successful thing, and they want part of it. The band has envolved into something more modern, with new faces and sounds reflecting the 80s. We've got a younger look. Those original guys would be 35 to 43 years old now. The band has been in hibernation for several years, and has reemerged."

Ronald Kurtz doesn't remember if the band played on both dates (reportly about 150 people were at the first show when the opening act started). It was the only event he organized with the group.


"...only few walk these grounds." (Tony Flynn)